C3S HVA (Hybrid Video Analytics)

C3S HVA is a solution for the video surveillance monitoring industry. This solution enables video surveillance monitoring operators to manage large numbers of video surveillance cameras through improved quality video alert notifications by using a fusion of traditional rules based analytics and artificial intelligence.

Key Features and Functions:

  • Application of both rule and AI analytic features in a single platform
  • Automated multi-layer alert validation and filtering
  • Less nuisance alerts
  • Improved quality of alerts
  • Operator feedback for improved alert relevance
  • Easy access of alert details for additional data intelligence
  • Designed and architected for Big Data Analytics and Data Correlation



BraveWatch is a remote service that provides security surveillance, theft, health and safety, and operational efficiency monitoring.  This service will also include system performance optimization support and Forensic Analysis Reporting.

C3S Technologies has partnered with ODH (Our Disabled Heroes) to utilize US Veterans employment where their military service training will be leveraged and tuned to provide professional monitoring services.

Key Features and Functions:

  • Remote monitoring of video cameras
  • Alert relevance filtering
  • Algorithm human feedback for operational relevance
  • Operations and Management Reporting
  • Collaborative process with our end user operations
  • System performance monitoring and tuning for optimum system performance


C3S Core Platform

C3S Core Platform is a Data Agnostic Multi-Sensor and Fusion Big Data Analytics platform.  C3S Core Platform is designed from the ground up to provide Descriptive, Predictive, and Prescriptive Analytics for the IoT.

 One of the key values of the C3S Core Platform is Data Correlation Analytics.  This feature will enable improved quality of alert notifications by learning and correlating the normal patterns of behavior between multiple sensors and/or sensor data types.

Types of Sensor Data:

  • Streaming Video
  • Scalar (Single Value)
  • Composite (Date, Time, Value)
  • Acoustics
  • Text


C3S Arts

C3S Arts is a solution for the Fine Arts industry. This application delivers features that provide museum operators the tools to monitor the effectiveness of exhibits, traffic flow, dwell time, events, and operations by fusing multi-sensor data analytics with traditional rules based/modeling and artificial intelligence.

Key Features and Functions:

  • Process different types of data formats (video, time phased numerical values, text, acoustics, 2D / 3D Images, IR video / images, and others).
  • Correlation of different data types for advance analytics.
  • Traffic pattern behavior and analytics.
  • Dwell time behavior and analytics.
  • Object interaction behavior and analytics.
  • Special Event success / failure behavior and analytics.
  • Social / Internet data, Museum operations data, and other Museum operations data correlation and analytics.


Cyber Security– (Future Product)