C3S Technologies, Inc is a technology innovation company committed to building solutions that are designed to bring personal and operational value to our user community. We are dedicated to thoroughly understanding our end users objectives to ensure we design solutions that work within our end users’ operational framework.

We leverage our competencies in enterprise social platforms, AI, and Multi-Sensor Analytics to bring value in multiple industries.




Today, C3S Technologies, Inc is in development of:

  • bSocial Gaming – a social network platform for video gamers. Designed by gamers, this social application serves PC, TV/Console, and mobile gamers a single platform to collaborate with their social gaming community and gamer friends. BUT, it is more than just a social platform.  This solution has features specific for gamers.
  • Data Agnostic Big Data Analytic Platform – a fusion of analytic technologies. This platform delivers unprecedented improved accuracy in anomaly detection.  We are currently applying this unique approach to the below industries:
    • Video Surveillance monitoring industry – this solution enables video surveillance monitoring operators to monitor large amounts of video cameras through improved quality of alerts by using AI and traditional Rules Base Analytics. Please see (tab link) for additional details.
    • Fine Arts Industry – this application delivers features that provide museum operators the tools to monitor the effectiveness of exhibits, traffic flow, dwell time, events, and operations. Please see (tab link) for additional details.
    • COMING SOON – This Data Agnostic Multi-Sensor Analytic platform can soon be applied in Retail, Oil & Gas, Energy and others!!!